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Upcoming Events

  • Sunday Service starts at 10:30am

Christmas Program  2022

Easter Sunday - Sunrise Service- April 2023

Mother's Day Service - May 2022 & 2023

Mother's Day 6.jpeg
Mother's Day 8.jpeg
Mother's Day 5.jpeg

Father's Day Service - June 2022 & 2023

Father's day 1.jpeg
Father's day 5.jpeg

Church Picnic - August 2022

Church Picnic.jpeg
Church Picnic2.jpeg
Picnic 2.jpeg
Picnic 1.jpeg
Picnic 3.jpeg
Picnic 4.jpeg
Picnic 6.jpeg
Picnic 5.jpeg

Visiting Pastor - August 2022

Pastors-visiting pastor.jpeg
visiting pastor 3.jpeg
Visitimg Pastor.jpeg
visiting pastor 4.jpeg

 Thanksgiving Service- October 2022

thanksgiving 1.jpg
thanksgiving 4.jpg
thanksgiving 5.jpg
thanksgiving 13.jpg
thanksgiving 9.jpg
thanksgiving 11.jpg
thanksgiving 3.jpg
thanksgiving 12.jpg

 Pastors Appreciation- October 2022

Pas App 11.jpg.png
Pas App 10.jpg.png
Pas App 8.jpg

 Baby Jeremiah's Dedication- November 2022

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